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        A' Design Award Registration
        Entering a design to A' Design Award and Competition helps you benchmark your design capabilities, improve your design communication skills and pushes you to become a better designer. Create an account and submit your work today.
        Create a Free Account

        It is completely free of charge to create an account at A’ Design Award & Competition. With a Free Account, you can upload a design and get a free preliminary score for your work.

        Submit Designs

        You can upload and submit your design free of charge for a complimentary preliminary score of your work without any further obligations to nominate your design for award consideration.

        Nominate a Design
        for Award Consideration

        Once you create an account and upload a design, you can go forward with nominating your design for award consideration. Nominated designs will be evaluated by the grand jury panel. Nomination is subject to a nominal fee. You will be able to update and improve your design presentation after nomination.