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        A' Design Award Dates and Deadlines
        A' Design Award and Competition applications are open throughout the year until February 28th, and results are announced every year on April 15th. Gala Night, Ars Futura Cultura and Design Exhibitions are organized after results announcement.
        Participants' Timeline

        A' Design Award and Competition has three major participation periods: Early, Standard and Late. Late entry finishes on February 28th. Gala-Night and Exhibitions are organized after results announcement on April 15th. Public Relations campaigns and Preliminary Score service is ongoing throughout the year.

        • Registration Starts April 15th
          Registration for the next competition and awarding edition starts. Preliminary Score service starts and Early entry fees are in effect.
        • Preliminary Score Ongoing
          Everyone who uploads a design to A' Design Award, gets a preliminary score, free of charge, from April 16th until February 28th.
        • Early Deadline June 30th
          A' Design Award Early Deadline ends on June 30th, Regular Entry Fees become effective, Preliminary Scores are still provided.
        • Regular Deadline September 30th
          A' Design Award Regular Deadline ends on September 30th, Late Entry Fees become effective, Preliminary Scores are still provided.
        • Late Deadline February 28th
          A' Design Award Late Entry Deadline ends on February 28th, Omega and Last Entry Fees become effective, Preliminary Scores are no longer provided.
        • Jury Voting April 1st - April 12th
          Grand Jury Panel votes on nominated entries based on predetermined evaluation criteria and blind peer-review process.
        • Results Announced April 15th
          A' Design Awards will be public on April 15th. Yearbook, Gala, Exhibition and PR Campaign preparations start.
        • Gala-Night June, July or August
          Award Ceremony and Gala-Night takes place in Italy to honour and recognize best designers.
        • Ars Futura Cultura After Galanight
          Ars Futura Cultura meetings will bring like-minded award winning designers for networking possibilities.
        • Exhibition in Italy June, July or August
          Award-winning designs get exhibited in Italy. Winners get exhibition certificates.
        • PR Campaign After Exhibition
          Public Relations and promotion campaign intensifies after gala-night and exhibition in Italy.
        • Kit Shipments June, July or August
          Winner kit shipments will start after the conclusion of gala-night and exhibition in Italy.
        • Int. Exhibitions After Exhibition
          International Design Exhibitions are organized in different countries to promote awarded works.
        Next Edition

        A' Design Award and Competition has already published the laureates of the Current Edition. Entries are now open for the Next Competition Period. Late Deadline for Entries is on February 28th. You can submit your work today and get a complimentary preliminary design score for your design.