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        A' Design Award Grand Prize
        Fame, Prestige and Publicity. A' Design Award and Competition's Grand Prize is specifically synthesized for creating opportunities to promote and publicize award-winning designs worldwide. Trophy, Certificate and Design Exhibitions complement it.
        Greatest Prestige & Honour

        A' Design Award and Competition is the World’s most prestigious design accolade that you could ever win. A' Design Award is a great source of prestige and pride for its laureates thanks to its unmatched ethics policies and organizational strategy, such as the blind peer-review process, predetermined criteria based voting, preliminary score and bias-removal mechanisms aimed at making the A' Design Award the most fair, most transparent and most competitive design accolade in the World. A' Design Award is the greatest prestige not only because it grants the most inclusive design prize known to man but most importantly you can truly be proud when you win the A' Design Award since the entries are judged by the World's largest and most infulential jury panel in the most fair way possible. The award trophy, the certificate, yearbook, international design exhibitions, gala-night and award ceremony, public relations services and dozens other components of the winner kit is overpowered by the immense prestige the A' Design Award provides.

        A' Design Award Trophy

        A' Design Award trophy, also called the “Omega Particle” was the World’s first ever 3D Metal printed award trophy when introduced, today, at the hands of World’s best designers, the A' Design Award trophy is the epitome of design quality and signifies your excellent design capabilities and unlimited creativity.

        A' Design Award Winner Logo

        A' Design Award winner logos, given as Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Iron levels, outright communicates design quality and perfection. With billions of impressions worldwide in a variety of media, the A' Design Award winner is respected and trusted by consumers worldwide. You will also have the chance to obtain the Prime Design Mark.

        A' Design Award Exhibition

        A' Design Award exhibition is the most inclusive design exhibition in the World, bringing the very best designs and projects from across thousands of industries under a single roof. The A' Design Award exhibition is organized in Italy and then it is usually moved to other countries to have a wider reach.

        A' Design Award Book

        A' Design Award Yearbook of Best Designs is published by Designer Press in several volumes with a distinct ISBN number for each different volume featuring the very best designs and projects in a super set of industries and design domains. A' Design Award and Competition covers all pagination, printing and publishing fees of the book.

        A' Design Award Gala-Night

        A' Design Award Winners will be invited to the Gala-Night and Award Ceremony where the World’s leading designers will be recognized, celebrated and given the attention they truly desire in front of the World’s most qualified audience of designers, brands, government officials and press members.

        Prime PR Campaign

        A' Design Award and Competition is the World’s best design accolade in terms of public relations campaigns and promotion efforts, providing you with more than dozens of tools and services to take your design publicity to next level with interviews, social features, press releases, electronic press kits, award classification certificates and more.

        Design Rankings

        A' Design Award and Competition manages four of the World’s most prominent rankings and classifications for design, the most important being the World Design Rankings where you will have chance to be the flagbearer for your country, representing it worldwide. Winners are included in WDR, Designer Rankings, Design Award Classifications and Popular Designers Index.

        Business Promotion

        A' Design Award and Competition laureates get the opportunity to be part of the ListOf.Net, Secret Society of Design, Prime Clubs and World Design Consortium in order to extend their global reach and business possibilities, to reach prospective clients and leads globally.

        Sell Award-Winning Designs

        A' Design Award laureates are able to index and list their award-winning products for sale at Design Mega Store and their award-winning design concepts at Salone Del Designer websites. A' Design Award actively promotes and advertises the sales platforms to get direct business opportunities for your award-winning products and concepts in addition to actively searching for potential new clients for your products, projects and design capabilities through BuySellDesign Platform.

        Complete Design Prize

        A' Design Award is specifically designed to help you communicate the excellent qualifications of your award-winning designs and projects, to help convince prospective clients towards a purchase. A' Design Award will also actively communicate and promote your brand to design oriented audiences worldwide through media sponsorships and international media features. There are many other things we could not mention here, including the Certificate of Design Excellence which is given to all laureates. Learn more about the complete design prize now.